Micro USB Ethernet Adapter


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Micro USB Ethernet adopter to RJ45, completely plug and play when using with Pi-Star. Adds Ethernet availability to any Pi-Zero based hotspot such as a Jumbo spot.

Plugs into the 2nd micro USB port. Using this adaptor ads much flexibility when changing the hotspot configuration as it allows you to change/add Wi-Fi settings on the fly. When used the adaptor overrides the Wi-Fi without altering the settings, giving the hotspot instant internet.

This is the perfect solution when configuring a new hotspot. Just plug it in, power up the hotspot and use an IP scanner to find the hotspot’s IP address then paste that into any browser to access the hotspot’s Pi-Star dashboard.

WARNING you can only use one of these on your home network as they are a Chinese copy of the more expensive units, so they have cloned MAC addresses.


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